Finals, Finals, Finals


If you’re totally stressed out over finals and wandered to the beautyforherashes blog hoping to take a break from cramming—–Hi! 🙂 This may be one of the craziest weeks of your life and I hope that you’re sleeping well and eating properly, but just in case you haven’t started yet, I wanted to offer some encouragement and advice!


  • Have a plan. This will be different for everyone, but an example would be that you study Chemistry for one hour, then Spanish for twenty minutes and alternate or devote an hour and a half to each course every day, etc. Bottom line is figure out how you’ll execute your plan!
  • Find a nice, QUIET environment. You have to be able to concentrate, which means silence! Studying at your friend’s apartment with all of your other friends might not be a good idea for you!
  • Leave your phone/iPAD/laptop etc in another room. This one might be really tough, but you’ll be able to focus on your studies and not be tempted to check twitter and instagram every five seconds!
  • Say NO! We all have that home girl who wants to hang out and make plans DURING finals week. Tell her you’ll catch her next week 😉
  • Make your own review. This is one of my personal favorites and has helped me tremendously since I’ve been in college. It’s pretty useful to have all the information you need to know in one place on a sheet of paper! Making flashcards also helps!!
  • Take breaks! Your mind gets exhausted and it doesn’t hurt to take 15 minutes and just chill out.
  • Drink hot chocolate. Okay, so I might have snuck this one in for my own personal enjoyment LOL All I know is that I feel better when I have chocolate in my belly! It keeps you warm too.
  • REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may have anywhere from four-six exams this week (maybe more!), on top of work and other obligations. Beauties, I want you to know that even in the midst of this storm, God’s got you! While He isn’t a genie and doesn’t give us everything we WANT, He always gives us what we NEED. In this time, you may just NEED peace and the ability to recall all that you have studied this semester. God is more than willing to give you peace! The Bible says in Psalm 29:11, “The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace.” (NIV) The Bible also tells us that God is our helper and the one who sustains us! (Psalm 54:4)

So before you pray a pitiful prayer (Ex: “Lord, please please please please let me pass this test. I know I haven’t been doing what I should and I also know that I haven’t studied, but please let my professor pass me anyway!”), remember to do your part and take care of your business! The Lord will help you!

Happy Studying & Happy Testing! You’re almost to the finish line: Christmas break!  It is my prayer that you will grow a little closer to the Father today than you did yesterday.

Be Blessed Beauties!

John 14:27

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

For the Hunger Game lovers, I leave you with this! XO! Muah!


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