I’m turning 23 years old tomorrow and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

“23” is not really a milestone birthday. There are no new privileges that come with it. I do not qualify for anything that I did not qualify for in 2015 AND three is an odd number (I have a thing about even numbers vs. odd numbers, but that is another post for another day!) I do not feel the same excitement that I felt right before turning “Sweet Sixteen” or have the same sense of anticipation I felt when I turned 18. 23 definitely doesn’t come with the same hoopla that surrounded me celebrating my 21st birthday and I imagine it won’t even live up to the expectation I have of turning “Dirty 30”.

However, one thing has remained consistent throughout all of my different birthdays and that is grace. God’s grace. He has blessed me at every turn in my life, even when it didn’t necessarily feel like it. When I think about it, surviving 2015 was a blessing in and of itself. So much evil transpired: planes full of passengers went missing, innocent people suffered from police brutality, folks were gunned down in the most innocuous of places (church and school) and racial tensions mounted to a fever pitch in some areas of the country. I was spared from going missing, being shot, or unlawfully arrested and you probably were too.

In actuality, I really do know how to feel tomorrow and that is grateful.

As mere humans, it’s hard for us to fathom how much God actually does for us on a daily basis. For some reason it’s easier for us to chalk up our good fortunes to karma or “the power of the universe” rather than acknowledge God. I’m not really sure what “the universe” is or who exactly that refers to, but the older I get the more I am astounded by God and His works. I’m starting to think that 23 is a milestone after all. It’s the year that I start giving credit where credit is due.

A throwback to Summer 2015 when the weather in TX was amazing!



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