fashion forward

The weather was glorious this past weekend and I spent time outdoors on Saturday just soaking up the sun’s rays. Ah how I miss warmer weather. Even though the sky is overcast today and the temperature dipped again, it still feels pretty good! I can’t complain too much because overall it’s been a pretty mild winter. Figuring out what to wear each day has been a little challenge because it flops back and forth between warm and cold/chilly.

Check out some of my favorite looks that I’ve been wearing the past couple of weeks:


O U T F I T   D E T A I L S

#1: Dress: JustFab, Necklace: JustFab, Hat: Forever 21

This one is ideal for a night out with your bf or your girls. I pair with my tall black boots by Ralph Lauren or my low plum colored heels from Forever 21.

#2: Dress: Target, Necklace: Graduation Gift

I first wore this dress on Christmas day at dinner with my family and I got so many compliments on it. No one believed me when I said it came from Target!!









#3: Dress: H&M

My mom accuses me of wearing black all the time so I bought this dress on sale at H&M during my vacation in D.C. It was marked down $20. Yasssss

I hope you like these looks as much as I do. The best thing about fashion is that it is completely subjective. Wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel beautiful and most importantly don’t forget to wear a smile 🙂




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