1 cup Spinach, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 1/2-2 cups Almond Milk, 1/2 cup frozen sliced peaces, 1/2 banana

I love smoothies. Depending on how I’m feeling, one smoothie might be my breakfast for the day or simply serve as a snack. It’s a great way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet. I’m pretty good about eating vegetables regularly, but I’m not big on eating fruit (I’m an enigma I know) so a smoothie is a great boost and creates a way for me to get the nutrients I need all at once.

The best part is that you can literally put whatever you want into the blender. Blueberries, pineapple, kale, apples, yogurt, protein powder, seeds/nuts. Fresh or frozen…there is no perfect formula! I use the Nutri Bullet, but I hear the Ninja blender is also amazing. Target and Wal-Mart both have a wide selection of them and you can find reliable, reasonably priced blenders at department and outlet stores.



Final product! It may not look like much, but it tasted great. Because of the Vanilla-flavored Almond milk I didn’t even need to add any sugar. If you’re making a smoothie that is mostly made up of veggies you may want to use Stevia or another non-caloric sweetener.


Tip: Avoid adding pure sugar. This smoothie is meant to boost your health and curb appetite, not be a sugary treat. Happy smoothie-making!

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