tips to survive the end of the semester


1. Plan some Study Sessions

  • Hopefully earlier in the semester you made a couple of study buddies in each class. Study buddies are great because they are just your friend (s) for the duration of the class. You lend them your notes when they miss class and they explain stuff to you that you didn’t understand during your professor’s lecture. Your study buddy is also the person (s) who you commiserate with about the moodiness of said professor. More than likely you never see or speak to this person once the class ends, but this is perfectly acceptable behavior in college.

My second to last semester I took a class on Shakespeare. It was highly in-depth as it covered most of his major works, his mysterious life, and the culture of the day when he was writing. It was a fairly large class and myself and five others really hit it off. Before every test we had a meeting and hashed all of the material we anticipated would show up on the exam. We shared our notes, flash cards and even our worries. This system worked tremendously well and we all ended up making A’s and B’s in the overall course. Take that Shakespeare!


2. Use that Agenda that has laid dormant all semester

  •  Using your syllabi, schedule out all of your final assignments, projects, presentations and of course your final exams. If you have other responsibilities like a job or a club that you’re active in this is also a grand time to add those dates and times in as well. Double check that none of your exams conflict with one another. Most campus admins work hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen, but it is possible, especially if you’re a graduating senior. You don’t want it to be the week of finals when you realize that you have two exams overlapped. Yikes!

If you’re anything like me you aren’t particularly good at being faithful to an agenda. I don’t know what it is about them that makes me so non-committal. I always start out using it (this last two weeks max) and then I grow tired of penciling things in. However, there is no better time to revive the method than the end of the semester! This helped me a lot towards the end of the year.


3. Meet with your advisor to discuss next semester’s class schedule

  • Most schools have advanced registration, regular/normal registration, and late registration. You don’t want to be in the last category because by then the classes that you actually need will be filled to capacity. You don’t want to wind up having to take a course in Meteorology or Fly Fishing (if these do not lead you a step closer to graduation). In college, you never want to have to take a pointless class. It’s a waste of time and more importantly yours or your parents’ money. Be smart and make the time to plan ahead.

I had a wonderful advisor, but she never called me up to tell me that it was time to schedule classes for next semester. That isn’t the job of an academic advisor. They are meant to be a guide and a helpful resource, not your fairy godmother or your parent. You’re an adult and it’s your responsibility to plan an appointment.   



  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed by everything that is on your plate. I get it. However, it’s important to take a deep breath before you tackle anything and give yourself frequent study breaks. When you have a plan and method of attack for the end of the semester it will go much smoother! So take a walk outside with friends or stop by Starbucks and treat yourself to that White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with a shot of espresso and extra whipped cream (my personal favorite). You will get through this and be that much more prepared for the next end of semester.

It’s really really really HARD to follow this last tip. I’ll admit it. I was working part-time, doing volunteer work weekly, and trying to keep my social life from falling into shambles. It was probably my last year of college before I grasped this one. When you go to the on campus library, just look around at all of the other zombie college kids and remind yourself that you’re not alone. Many have done it before you and made it out-myself included! 🙂

Happy Studying!




3 thoughts on “tips to survive the end of the semester

  1. Love this! I’m in the same exact boat, so your advice helped calm my nerves a bit. Also, I got a big smile when I read that you took a course on Shakespeare, I’m in a Shakespeare course right now! 😀 haha the 1623 collection of all Shakespeare’s works is in my local art museum currently. 🙂

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