Presidents Day

I am reminded today of my favorite fictional president Thomas J. Whitmore (played by Bill Putnam). He first appeared in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day starring Will Smith. In the movie, aliens have threatened an assault so deadly that Earth will be destroyed and everyone enslaved if we cannot fight back and thwart the attack.

The man responsible for rallying the troops and inspiring people to put up a fight was President Whitmore. One of the most memorable moments of the film is when Whitmore gives a rousing speech, which you can watch here:

That speech still gets to me! He may be a fictional character, but President Whitmore is immortalized as a president who promoted unity and the importance of facing opposition head on. It’s a message that goes beyond the states and encompasses the world.

Who are some of your favorite fictional presidents in either TV or Film?


5 thoughts on “Presidents Day

  1. Nice post! My favourite fictional president would have to be Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact. Haven’t seen the film in a while, but I remember him being a pretty convincing president.

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    1. Yeah I stopped watching it a long time ago too! It started off as being very entertaining and Olivia was flawed, but still someone I could respect and admire. But as you say, her relationship with Fitz became unbearable for me. I just can’t see the strength in staying in such an unhealthy and draining relationship 😦


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