My Wisdom Teeth are gone!

I recently got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Since I’m two weeks post-op I’m basically an expert on the whole process and can share some DO’s and DON’Ts with you!

Here’s hoping you never have to actually go through it 🙂

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  • Use straws
  • Eat/Drink anything that requires you to “suck” (ex. applesauce in pouches)
  • Blow your nose
  • Sleep flat on your back
  • Eat any foods that “crunch”
  • Eat oatmeal (trust me, those oats are bigger than you think!!!)


  • Have someone you trust drive you home after surgery (Parents are better than friends 9/10 times!)
  • Rinse mouth with warm salt water after every meal
  • Sleep propped up on comfy pillows
  • Eat both chilled and hot foods- both can be very soothing
  • Eat ice cream, sorbet (if you’re dairy challenged like me), puréed food (ex. baby food), mashed potatoes, jello, pudding
  • Alternate between using ice packs and heating pads
  • Take all medication as directed! Especially if you’ve been prescribed antibiotics to ward off infection.


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I suggest you find an oral surgeon with a solid reputation. You want someone knowledgeable who understands the mouth/teeth/nerves/etc. and has performed hundreds-if not thousands-of successful extractions.

Another thing that I recommend is going to a doctor who is anti-narcotics! I know the YouTube videos of people post-surgery can be hilarious, but when you stop and think about it there is nothing good about being completely out of your mind and having wild hallucinations. Painkillers are effective and the only side affect I experienced was extreme drowsiness and lethargy. Both of which are to be expected after surgery anyway!

I would say that it took 12-14 days post-op for me to return to normal. At that point I began eating much more substantial foods and experiencing less and less pain everyday. Obviously everyone is different and every body is going to heal at a different rate. The best thing to do is to exercise patience and try not to rush the healing process.


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Do you still have your wisdom teeth? If not, what was the experience like for you?  Sound off in the comments below!

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