May Favorites


Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper///  I first read it in high school and recently stumbled across it again. Draper understands teenagers very well and she proves it in this YA novel that has a modern take on Romeo and Juliet. Two high school students from different backgrounds are unexpectedly brought together and fall in love. Even though some of the aspects of the story are a little dated (it was published September 1999) it holds up as a sweet story.




Dear White People, Netflix/// I wrote a favorable review for Season 1 of the controversial show earlier this month. Rife with satire, provocative storytelling, and multi-dimensional characters, this show is a “call to action” for all of us- no matter what our skin color.

A still from Netflix’s Dear White People (2017)


Dorothy Dandridge/// People give a lot of credit to Marilyn Monroe for her beauty and talent, but many don’t even know about Dorothy Dandridge, a woman who was equally captivating. When I saw Carmen Jones for the first time I was enamored with the magic she and Harry Belafonte created on screen. Dandridge is the FIRST Black woman to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and she is also the first Black woman to be featured on the cover of Life Magazine. Unfortunately, Dandridge’s life and career were both cut short and I can’t help but wonder how well she would be received if she was in actress in today’s time.




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