Can I Be Me| Whitney Houston Documentary

We live in a culture that has an unconscious obsession with celebrities. On any given day, there are dozens of media outlets reporting on the life and times of Hollywood actors and actresses, rappers, singers and even talent-less reality stars. People want to know everything about their favorite entertainers and so it’s no surprise that the industry churns out unauthorized made-for-TV movies at such a high rate.

Although Whitney Houston has only been gone for five years, her story has already received the TV treatment (I’m looking at you Lifetime) and soon fans will get another look at her life and career in the documentary Can I Be Me.

Director Nick Broomfield interviewed many people who worked closely with the powerhouse vocalist and the result is surprising; Houston is portrayed as having very little control over not only her career, but her personal life as well. Shocking claims are made about the late singer’s relationship with her mother as well as her sexual identity.

Can I Be Me is directed by Nick Broomfield and features footage shot by Rudi Dolezal. It first debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. It doesn’t appear that the Houston family endorsed the making or release of the project, but nevertheless the documentary is airing on Showtime this August 26th.

What do you think about unauthorized movies and docs about celebs? Will you be tuning in this August to see the unauthorized documentary? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Can I Be Me| Whitney Houston Documentary

  1. I’ll probably be skipping this if only because I am not into celebrity worship and am just not that interested. I did catch What Happened, Miss Simone and loved it, but with all due respect to Ms. Houston, Miss Simone is a talent that transcends ages and times and I got into a real obsession with Miss Simone’s music about a year ago. If a similar mood strikes me with regard to Ms. Houston, or even the time period during which she was active, I may look to view it at that time. Otherwise, I skip celebrity bios.

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    1. I’m with you Steve! Feeling a little overwhelmed by the fixation on celebs. Particularly those who have passed on and are no longer here to refute the claims still being made about them. I haven’t seen Nina Simone’s bio, so I can’t speak on it, but this Houston doc seems exploitative and shocking just for entertainment value. A discredit to Houston’s memory indeed. May both women rest in peace. Thanks for stopping by to read!

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