Movies Dad Won’t Fall Asleep Watching

Dad is a hard-working guy and he usually can’t help but get droopy-eyed during a movie. In honor of Father’s Day, here are FIVE movies that will most likely hold your dad’s attention and let him escape his responsibilities for a couple of hours. He won’t want to snooze during these flicks! *I have tested this theory multiple times on an actual dad (mine) and results do vary.*

Mrs. Doubtfire GIF

ROCKY (1976)

When the very first Rocky hit theaters Dad was probably in college or newly graduated from high school. Revisiting a classic film like this one will no doubt put a smile on his face as he reminisces about the glory days.

Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is the ultimate underdog. He’s a little-known boxer in Philadelphia who gets the chance to go up against world-renowned champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Though inexperienced and outmatched, Rocky has the determination and will power to get into the ring. For him, it’s not about winning, but about gaining self-respect. It’s a message that we can all get behind and the reason why this classic never feels outdated. 

A still of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky (1976)


Dad typically struggles to remember Hollywood actors, but he can probably recognize and recall the name of several in this star-studded cast.

Directed by the legendary Stephen Spielberg, the film stars Tom Hanks, Ted Danson, Vin Diesel and Matt Damon (to name a few) as soldiers in the U.S. Army during WWII. When all three of Private Ryan’s (Damon) brothers are killed in action, Captain Miller (Hanks) and his men are deployed to seek out and save the young soldier. Hailed as one of the best epic war dramas in history, Saving Private Ryan will have your dad engaged and invested from start to finish.  

A still of Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Coach Carter (2005)

Dads love sports. Coach Carter is a movie about sports. Dads love Coach Carter. I know it’s not the best logic, but this film is perhaps one of the most underrated in Samuel L. Jackson’s hefty repertoire.

Based on true events, the film follows a high school basketball team who is lazy, apathetic, and struggling to survive in their sometimes dangerous community. That is until Coach Carter (Jackson) comes on the scene. Under his direction, the players begin to thrive both on and off the court. Jackson is great here as a tough, no-nonsense coach who really does want to see this group of young men succeed. Coach Carter has a lot of heart and I think it’s a film that few have really given a chance! 

A still of Samuel L. Jackson in Coach Carter (2005)


Chisum (1970)

There is nothing like a good Western and thankfully John Wayne starred in a lot of them!

As John Chisum, Wayne is kind, generous and a friend to all. People respect him because he’s fair and just. However, when a shady businessman (Forrest Tucker) shows up and starts monopolizing the small quiet town, Chisum knows something must be done. It’s up to him, his trusted ranch-hand Billy the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel) and a few other friends to take back control of their land and town. Dad will enjoy this one because he already knows how it will end. The way most Westerns do- with the hero saving the day and justice being served for all! 

A still of John Wayne as Chisum (1970)


Who doesn’t love Denzel Washington? The talent, swag, and charisma that this man brings to his films is impressive. Dad has seen most (if not all) of this legend’s work over the years and still can’t get enough.

In The Equalizer, Washington plays Robert McCall, a man who leads a normal life, but seems to have a mysterious past. When a young girl’s (Chloe Grace Moretz) life becomes endangered, McCall comes out of “retirement” to dish out his own version of justice. Let’s just say more than a few bodies hit the floor in this crime thriller. It’s suspense and excitement from the start and proves yet again that Washington still has it after YEARS in the game. 

The Equalizer (2014) GIF

Honorable Mentions: 

The Godfather (1972)

First Blood (1982)

Dances with Wolves (1990)

The Magnificent 7 (2016)

Wonder Woman (2017) which is in theaters now!!

Shout out to all of the great fathers! Happy Father’s Day! 🙂


What are some of your dad’s favorite movies? Do you have any special memories of watching it together? Let me know in the comments below!

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