August Favorites


Missing by Kelley Armstrong

Winter Crane is a resilient teenage girl who lives in a small backwoods community named Reeve’s End. She longs for graduation and the chance to escape the town forever, just like dozens of other kids have done before her. When a charming city boy shows up with a suspicious story, he disrupts Winter’s life and puts her in the crosshairs of a killer. A killer who just might be the reason why kids go missing from Reeve’s End. It’s a suspenseful read that didn’t end at all like I thought it would! Click the image below to read a sample and grab a copy for yourself on Amazon.




The Incredible Jessica James is a fun, quirky film that follows a twenty something woman (Jessica Williams) living and working in NYC. It’s thoughtful, witty and highly relatable for anyone who has experienced rejection in both their personal and professional lives. I especially liked how race neutral it was- Jessica is a character who has the freedom to simply be herself and there isn’t a single stereotype presented in relation to her. I found that quite refreshing!

Netflix’s The Incredible Jessica James (2017)

Naked is a fun romantic comedy that had me in stitches from almost the very beginning. Marlon Wayans plays a guy named Rob who is about to say “I do” to the beautiful and sophisticated Megan (Regina Hall). Unfortunately, he finds himself reliving the same hour over and over again until he can overcome his commitment issues. It’s equal parts goofy and sweet. Admittedly it’s not as quotable as White Chicks, but it’s still a good time!

Netflix’s Naked starring Marlon Wayans (2017)

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