December Favorites


Coco Soundtrack- It’s no secret that I loved the film and the music is a BIG reason why. My favorite tracks are “Remember me” and “Un Poco Loco“. You can listen for yourself on Spotify, iTunes, and most other music streaming services.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pixar Studios

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack- The musical score is INCREDIBLE okay? Dare I say better than the actual story itself? You be the judge! Check it out on Spotify or iTunes! My favorite track is “Never Enough“, which is sang by Voice alum Loren Allred (performed by Rebecca Ferguson in the film) and a close second would have to be “This is Me” sang by Kaela Settle and the whole company.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox


The popsocket! I joined the craze like the rest of the milennials. There is something so convenient about being able to use this little circle as a stand and for extra grip while taking a selfie. I’m currently rocking the Palm Trees look. Click the image below to get one for yourself on Amazon!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Episode VIII) 

I didn’t post a full length review for the film because I’m not as well versed in the story and its characters. I did enjoy the action sequences and seeing the late Carrie Fisher onscreen in her iconic role as Princess Leia. Mark Hamill also delivered a memorable performance as Luke Skywalker- one that will stick with me for awhile. I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Daisy Ridley‘s Rey interact with the polarizing Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). There is definitely an unspoken chemistry between them that is worth exploring.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lucasfilm/Disney

This Favorites post is even more special because it is the last one for the year of 2017! Woohoo we made it y’all! Thank you so much for supporting my lil ole blog and I’ll see you in 2018. ❤ 

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