It’s the Little Things…

I was reminded of Indie Arie’s song “Little Things” this weekend:

“Give me some good food, give me cute shoes
Give me some piece of mind
Bring me some sunshine, bring me some blue sky
Got everything that I pray for
Even a little more
When I ask to learn humility
This is what I was told
It’s the little things
And the joy they bring, it’s the little things
(The little things) It’s the little things”


My life definitely has ups and downs, but I really can’t shouldn’t complain. So I’m not going to. At least not for the moment 🙂 It’s the little things that help me get through each day. Funny texts from my friends, laughs with my family, impromptu summer photo shoots and the joy I get from interacting with fellow bloggers.

Happy Monday friends! Go and conquer the week. I hope to have some reviews coming your way soon for SuperFly, Incredibles 2 and possibly Overboard (which I saw weeks ago)! Stay tuned.


What are some of the “little things” that help you get through each day? Let me know in the comments down below!






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