Chasing Failure


“When God encourages you to do something, that should invigorate all of us because if the ruler of the heavens and the earth puts his stamp of approval on who you are and what you do, that’s a pretty good indicator that you should go in that direction. He knows the beginning and the end; so He must be seeing something in your future that he doesn’t want you to miss.”


These powerful words are from a devotional I read this week titled Chasing Failure. I was particularly galvanized by the last sentence. All of the things that He has purposed and planned for my life will come to fruition if I lean in and trust Him.

It’s an overwhelming thought. Yet, an encouraging one at the same time. I want to chase the ideas, opportunities, and goals that God has for me. I don’t want to be trapped in feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear- all of which will hold me back and keep me from living the life I should.

I don’t know where my writing or my love for filmmaking will take me, but since He has given me the skills and passion for it, I know it’s something I should continue to pursue. I hope that you will join me and continue to chase after the very thing (s) that He is nudging you towards. It’s perfectly okay if we experience failure along the way. In fact, according to the devotional we should welcome failure, because it puts us that much closer to success and the life God has planned for us.

Good luck this week. I believe in you.




Chasing Failure is written by Ryan Leak. To purchase the book and watch the accompanying short film, click here.



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