Four women (Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Carrie Coon, and Elizabeth Debicki) inherit a staggering debt after their criminal husbands die during a routine robbery. Facing deadly retribution at the hands of a local crime boss, the women band together and take control of their lives once and for all.

Widows stars a powerful cast who deliver solid performances at every turn. Under the superb direction of Steve McQueen (12 Years A Slave), each actor truly shines onscreen.

Worth mentioning are three individual widows; Davis’ Veronica is a stern woman who winds up becoming a leader of sorts to the others. The quiet moments where she grieves for her husband (Liam Neeson)are particularly memorable. Rodriguez’s character Linda faces her share of challenges as a newly single mom to two small kids. Her marriage was complicated, but not nearly as awful as Debicki’s Alice whose husband was abusive in every sense.

That leads me to my favorite aspect of the film and that’s the fact these women are willing to take control of their lives. More than that, they decide to create the life they want. As someone puts it (I believe it was Veronica), no one expects these women to succeed. They are looked upon as weak and vulnerable, however they realize within themselves that they are stronger than they look (and feel).

Another notable mention is Brian Tyree Henry, who stars as Veronica’s biggest antagonizer. He is downright menacing, as is his deranged brother portrayed by Daniel Kaluuya. Both are acting against type, and their scenes (both individually and collectively) are really entertaining.

While this film is different than what we’ve seen from McQueen previously, it’s still very nice to look at. McQueen and company didn’t sacrifice style or tone in creating this heist movie, which I can appreciate. I would’ve certainly liked to see more of the actual heist itself, however Widows definitely still delivers. If you’re into the genre and/or just like to see good acting, be sure to check it out.

Widows is directed by Steve McQueen who co-wrote the script with Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl). It stars an incredibly talented ensemble cast and is currently in theaters!

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