Support the Girls


Regina Hall stars as Lisa, a general manager of a small-town sports bar and grille known as “Double Whammies”. She is a mentor, ally, and mother figure to her rowdy group of employees made up of twenty-somethings.

While I appreciate the messages of sisterhood, I think the best part of Support the Girls is leading lady Hall. From the slight twang she speaks with, to the frosty eye shadow and thick lip liner she wears, Hall really sells it. I’ve never seen her in a role like this one before and she knocks it out of the park.

The film basically takes place over the course of one long work day. We watch as Lisa interacts with her employees Danyelle (Shayna McHale) and Maci (Haley Lu Richardson), her sleazy boss (James Le Gros), and her estranged husband. You get the impression that Lisa isn’t exactly happy with her work life or home life, but she sticks it out because she’s a generally optimistic person and knows how much others are dependent upon her.

An image from Support the Girls (2018)

The supporting cast is an array of colorful individuals who help provide light-hearted, humorous moments. I liked all of the different personalities because they seemed very realistic and like people we all know. That is perhaps the greatest power this film has, its real world setting and characters with real world issues.

Support the Girls has no fiery explosions, no crime-fighting superheroes, and no apocalyptic monsters (thank God). It’s a quietly charming film that’s perfect for someone who wants to see regular people with regular lives. If you’re into that kind of thing from time to time I suggest you give it a try. Support the Girls is currently streaming on Hulu.


Have you seen People Places Things (2015) starring Jemaine Clement and Regina Hall? It’s another indie Hall has under her belt. It’s just as quirky and charming. 10/10 would recommend! Let me hear your thoughts down below. 

3 thoughts on “Support the Girls

  1. I quite liked this one. I have a review written that I really need to post. Regina made my Top 5 Lead Actress performances of 2018 and I love Haley Lu Richardson. She’s such a versatile young actress and one of my favorites.

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