Isn’t it Romantic

Rebel Wilson stars as Natalie, a quirky architect who is disillusioned with love. Even though Natalie has a great job and two supportive friends, she suffers from extremely low self-esteem and constantly puts herself down. Often times even before someone else has the chance to. After a freak accident lands her in the hospital with a concussion, she awakes to find herself smack dab in a real-life romantic comedy.

Her dingy apartment is transformed into a swanky penthouse with an enviable closet, fresh flowers appear everywhere she goes, and worst of all, gorgeous men actually look her in the eye when talking to her! It’s as if Natalie’s worst fears have been actualized. Desperate to return to her normal life, she sets out to make someone fall in love with her, convinced that a little romance will solve everything.

Isn’t it Romantic is an unexpectedly charming comedy that will make you laugh and also make you re-think how well you love yourself. It’s perfect for the people who dread romantic comedies because it does a great job of poking fun at all the familiar rom-com tropes: kissing in the rain, magical dates on yachts at night, and unrealistic meet-cutes with wealthy available men. Basically everything that ever made you roll your eyes about this genre of movies!

An image from Isn’t it Romantic, Photo Credit: Warner Bros. (2019)

Natalie’s self-deprecating nature and desire to blend into the background make her easy to overlook in just about any room; it happens at her job when people walk all over her and it even happens at home where her own dog refuses to acknowledge her presence. Wilson is clearly enjoying herself; she brings all of the quirks that we know and love her for, yet still makes this character fun and unique.

The supporting cast also ooze star power; Priyanka Chopra, Adam Devine, and Liam Hemsworth each add humor in their own way. It’s fun to see Chopra and Hemsworth in particular, go against type. They both keep up with Devine and Wilson and don’t seem shy about letting loose. Wild karaoke sessions and over-the-top declarations of love will likely have you and your audience mates laughing in your seats.

By the movie’s end, Natalie learns to not only embrace her flaws, but to celebrate them as well. Society puts great emphasis on love and “finding the one”. However, sometimes “the one” we need to fall in love with is ourselves. One’s wholeness should never be contingent on another person and that’s a lesson that’s true for all of us. Sure it may sound cliché, but rest assured the whole movie is one giant cliché and that’s what honestly makes it work.

Isn’t it Romantic is out in theaters today! If you love a good rom-com, grab your #girlgang (or bae) and see it in theaters this Valentine’s Day. And if you love brightly choreographed dance numbers be sure to stay for the closing credits! 😉


I’m a sucker for a good rom-com. Some of my faves are The Wedding Planner, 13 Going on 30, and Pretty Woman. What is your favorite romantic comedy? Tell me all about it in the comments down below!


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