October Favorites


Raising Dion (Netflix original series)


Raising Dion follows single mom Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) and her son Dion (Ja’siah Young) in the months after her husband’s tragic death. The pair are having difficulty adjusting to their “new normal” and life is further complicated when Dion begins to manifest supernatural abilities. Trusting only family friend Pat (Jason Ritter), Nicole desperately tries to protect Dion from outside forces that threaten to destroy him.

I had a feeling that this would be a good series, but I was actually blown away by how well-done it really is. Here’s some of my personal highlights from Season One:

  • I knew Alisha Wainwright from Freeform’s Shadowhunters and her character was definitely a stand-out on that series. She brings a similar intensity to her role as Dion’s mom Nicole, but she does much more heavy lifting. Initially I thought it was a little unbelievable for her to have a child Dion’s age just because she seems fairly young, but she won me over early on and one of the hallmarks of this series is her strength and tenacity as a woman and mother.
  • Ja’siah Young is a SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING. He’s already got the charm and likability of a pro. I’m not sure how old he is, but I was continually impressed by how well he performs. So much of the story revolves around him and he definitely holds his own against seasoned adult actors.
  • Sammi Haney is another remarkable child actor who brings a lot of humor as Dion’s lovable classmate who is determined to be his friend. I love watching their interaction throughout the course of the nine episodes because they learn a lot of important lessons about one another and the world around them in the process.
  • The writing is the perfect pace! I never found myself becoming uninterested or wanting to fast-forward, which is a testament not only to the story initially created by Dennis Liu, but the writing team who understand how to push the action and give just the right amount of exposition at the right time.
  • The ending was surprising and it felt like it crept up on me. I won’t give any spoilers, but I thought things were going one way and then they quickly went somewhere else entirely. It was a rewarding twist. Crossed fingers for season two!


Fast Color


I guess you could say this month was devoted to all things supernatural. It’s definitely one of my favorite genres. Check out the full review here.


In My Room. Out of My Mind.

I really should’ve included this in a previous favorites post this year, but better late than never! I’m blessed to have cool friends who are really talented. This project was put out by a musician I’ve known for over ten years.

He also released two other songs: Cafecito and no crying song. Check him out everywhere music is streaming and follow his antics on Twitter.


What were your favorites this month? Anything you think I’d enjoy? Drop me your best recommendations down below in the comments! 

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