Thanksgiving Watchlist

The Thanksgiving dinner countdown is on! In just a few short hours, you’ll (hopefully) be gathered at a table with your loved ones stuffing forkfuls of turkey, green bean casserole, and pecan pie into your mouth. You may play spades or Monopoly after dinner and then find yourself in a food coma watching football from the couch.  But if at any point you’re looking for something else fun to do, I have gathered a great list of movies (old and new) that are sure to be perfect for the holiday. There’s something for everyone!

  1. Fans of speed: Ford v Ferrari
An image from Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in Ford v Ferrari as Carroll Shelby, a car designer and professional driver Ken Miles respectively. They face quite a few challenges leading up to the revolutionary racing challenge between Ford and Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans back in 1966.

If you enjoy biopics, drama, and watching the master of method acting (Bale) in action- this one is for you!

2. Fans of Tom Hanks (which let’s be honest is basically EVERYONE): A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

An image from A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is based on the true story of the beloved Mr. Rogers, played here excellently by Tom Hanks. Mr. Rogers was the soft-spoken, sweater-wearing TV personality who taught children (and the world) about the importance of showing kindness to one another. This story follows his friendship with a reporter named Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys) and is based on the real-life profile written by Tom Junod for Esquire in 1998.

One icon playing another icon…we love to see it! A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy this holiday season.

3. The socially conscious who also have a penchant for timeless love stories: Queen and Slim 

An image from Queen and Slim (2019)

Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) and Slim (Daniel Kaluuya) are two young adults whose first date takes a nightmarish turn when they are unexpectedly stopped by a police officer. It may sound like a somewhat familiar story, but I’m holding out faith that it’s anything but predictable.

Melina Matsoukas is in the Director’s chair and although she’s no stranger to directing stars like Beyonce and Rihanna on video sets, this is her first time directing a feature film! The script comes from The Chi‘s Lena Waithe, who starred in Master of None and Ready Player One. All signs point to something magical happening onscreen.

4. Quirky mystery lovers: Knives Out

An image from Knives Out (2019)

A detective must find out who’s responsible for the death of a patriarch from a highly eccentric family.

Just take a look at the cast. Jamie Lee Curtis, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Toni Collete, Michael Shannon, and Lakeith Stanfield (just to name a few). If that doesn’t get you intrigued, I don’t know what more will!

5. Action Lovers: 21 Bridges

Chadwick Boseman stars as a NYPD detective on the hunt for a pair of cop killers. If the movie is anything like the trailer, I’d say we’re in for a fun, action-packed ride that may be a little predictable. However, do you hear all those sassy one-liners?

“You better have perfect diction calling me a trigger.”

“I’d rather look the devil in the eye.”

I live for those in movies like this!!! The steely eye look is working for you Chadwick and we’re here for it. 😉

6. Rom-com lovers: Last Christmas

An image from Last Christmas (2019)

Kate (Emilia Clarke) is a young woman who constantly makes poor decisions and finds herself in trouble. However, her life begins to change when she meets Tom (Henry Golding) while working in a department store.

This has actually been in theaters for a couple of weeks now, but just in case the hopeless romantic in your family hasn’t seen this yet, let them drag you along!

7. History Buffs: Midway

An image from Midway (2019)

Midway tells the story of the Battle of Midway from the perspective of the leaders and soldiers who fought it.

It’s got a star-studded cast and will likely appeal to those who are fans of big war epics. It’s also been in theaters for several weeks at this point, so be sure to check showtimes before arriving at your local theater!

8. Families with littles and/or Disney aficionados: Frozen II

An image from Disney’s Frozen II (2019)

The whole gang is back! Anna (Kristen Bell), Elsa (Idina Menzel), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and Olaf (Josh Gad) must travel to the land where Elsa’s icy powers originate in order to save their kingdom.

I’m just waiting to hear “the” song. You know the one. The one we’ll hear on repeat for the next 12 months whether we want to or not! Let it gooooo…let it goooo 🙂

Other much-talked about films out now: Joker, Doctor Sleep, and Playing with Fire!


And if you’d really just rather stay in, Netflix has tons of series and movies. Here are a few worth noting:

Raising Dion, American Son, Nailed It, Dolemite is My Name, Otherhood, and The Office

Netflix also has an assortment of old and new Holiday-themed titles streaming at the moment:

Klaus, The Knight Before Christmas, Holiday in the Wild, Let it Snow, A Christmas Prince, Nailed It, The Holiday Calendar, The Christmas ChroniclesChristmas with the Kranks, White Christmas

And don’t forget of course about allllll the nostalgia you can experience with Disney+ series and movies. There’s also Apple TV too!*

There really is something for everyone to watch this holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!


What are you family’s go-to favorite traditions this time of year!? Let me know in the comments down below!


*(Did you know that if you purchase any of the new iPhone 11s you receive a free year of Apple TV? It’s true! All you have to do is sign up from your device.) 

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