Get to Know Me

3EF754A5-2821-4F68-8E15-A2E61D1E7FD8Hi, my name is Andrea! I’m an administrative professional by day and fun-loving blogger by night. The Andrea Chronicles serves as my creative outlet and you can expect to see me chronicle movies from the past and present through personal reviews. You may also see fashion and lifestyle posts along with movie news. If it interests or inspires me-you’ll see it here on my site. I hope that I’m able to provide you a little positivity and sunshine when you stop by!

To ask a question or simply say “hi”, be sure to send me an email here:

Matthew 5:16

11 thoughts on “Get to Know Me”

  1. Andrea it is so uplifting to see the great progress that you are making. I ALWAYS said that you are our “red carpet” contender! I’m looking forward to seeing what GOD has in store for you and how you plan to bring it to light.

    Love you dearly,


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