Chasing Failure

"God knows the beginning and the end; so He must be seeing something in your future that He doesn't want you to miss." Words from the inspirational book Chasing Failure by Ryan Leak.

Un-shareable Burdens

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Come Awake

Having an un-shareable burden is the loneliest feeling in the world. Being surrounded by people and feeling that not even one person would ever be able to understand fully the cross that you’ve been asked to bear, that no one would ever be able to really love you if they knew the thoughts that go through your mind when you leave them unguarded is isolating.

There are many examples in the Word of God of people who were called to go through this life bearing their burdens alone, but none stand out to me as much as the prophet Jeremiah.

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? NO! It’s Super Saint!

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Watch What You Let Rule Your Heart

There was a woman who got sick and was rushed to the hospital. Immediately after her arrival, the doctors began to run tests and take blood samples. What the tests determined was that the woman’s bones were beginning to turn brittle. They were becoming very fragile and had an extremely high chance of being fractured…