This is a thought-provoking film that stays with you long after you have walked out of the theater. If you're a Sci-Fi lover who can appreciate breathtaking visuals and an interesting story you won't be disappointed.

Magnificent Seven

Magnificent Seven tells the story of seven men who come together in the old west to help a small town who is under siege by a greedy, deranged businessman. These seven men are hardly angels; they are mercenaries, outcasts, and killers. However, their sense of bravery and morality outweighs their status as criminals and they end up doing a lot of good for this town.

My First Blogging Award

I have been nominated for a Sunshine award and obviously I humbly accept! This will be my very first award since I began blogging and it's very special knowing that someone out there is actually reading my lil ole blog. Big thanks to MovieManJackson for the nom! I recommend that you check out his site and give…

Captain America: Civil War

The past missteps of the Avengers are deemed unacceptable by the world’s leaders and a decision is made that the group should no longer function autonomously. This means heavy sanctioning and never-ending political interference. An explosive rivalry unfolds between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and sides are chosen. To make matters worse, a new villain emerges who threatens to tear the Avengers a part for good.