march 4, 2015

Whitey jerked to the left and then to the right. I completely lost control of the vehicle. Before I knew it, Whitey was careening into a ditch and the car spun around and did a 180. As I was spinning, I closed my eyes out of fear, but I felt everything in the car swirl around…


Un-shareable Burdens

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Come Awake

Having an un-shareable burden is the loneliest feeling in the world. Being surrounded by people and feeling that not even one person would ever be able to understand fully the cross that you’ve been asked to bear, that no one would ever be able to really love you if they knew the thoughts that go through your mind when you leave them unguarded is isolating.

There are many examples in the Word of God of people who were called to go through this life bearing their burdens alone, but none stand out to me as much as the prophet Jeremiah.

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